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Sometimes our customer have a special requirement that needs a little extra attention or customisation, we are more than willing to manufacture products to your specific needs and requirement whether it be packaging or specific product performance requirements, please feel free to ask us to cater for your individual needs.


Frequently Asked Questions.
What is the difference between a water based and a solvent based degreaser?

Heavy Duty Degreaser is a non-hazardous, water based, detergent blend that does not contain any chelating ingredients such as EDTA, phosphates or chlorinated solvents. Not soy based. This product is a cleaner / degreaser designed to remove organics from any surface compatible with water.

All solvents work by dissolving the soil; breaking it down into smaller particles and carrying it into the solution and away from the surface being cleaned. Many solvents offer an advantage of a quick cleaning, so the soils dissolve and flow off of the substrate without needing extended prep time, processing time or drying time. Solvent based cleaners remain popular in industrial applications due to their cleaning power; they remove thick, baked on oils, dirt, containments, solder flux, and greases.

What degreasers do you sell?
We sell a concentrate degreaser that needs to be mixed with water (diluted) and we sell a ready to use degreaser. We also sell a non-flash solvent degreaser and a standard solvent based degreaser.
Do you deliver?
Yes, within a 50km radius for free. Outside the radius R75.00. Outside Gauteng will depend on the courier. All 5lt deliveries will cost an additional R75.00 per delivery.
Do you sell electrical cleaner and is it safe to be used?
Yes, we do sell an electrical cleaner. It is safe to be used as it has a flash point of above 80 degrees.
Does your grit hand cleaner dry out hands and will it block up our drains?
No, It won’t dry out your hands. It contains a coconut oil and it will moisturize your hands. It contains a silicone ball, not sand, so it won’t block your drains.