SybraChem manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of maintenance and cleaning chemicals.

With over 35 years under our belt, we've developed the right tools and services to deliver quality cleaning solutions to all industries throughout South Africa.

Our extensive range of high-quality products are affordable, effective, and easy-to-use, ensuring that our clients are able to keep their work environments and/or equipment clean and safe.

Our products are tried-and-tested, eco-friendly and guaranteed to meet your business's demands. We also accommodate custom orders for manufacturing and packaging purposes, and will happily assist our clients with specialised orders to fulfil any individual requirements.

Furthermore, we take a "hands-on" approach to teach, train and support our clients (and their staff), helping them to understand exactly how the products work, and how to unlock each product's potential - reducing unnecessary waste, and saving time and money.

Join our family of satisfied customers today.