Why wouldn’t you want to keep your vehicles in absolute pristine condition?


We have the right cleaning chemical for every demanding industrial application.


Discover how easy it is to remove stubborn grit from your machinery.

Hospitality & Office

When it comes to your place of work or home, we all enjoy a clean & fresh environment.


Who would not want the right tools for the job to make life easier?


We manufacture and supply quality-certified cleaning chemicals and sanitizers for a cleaner, safer work environment.

SybraChem has the perfect eco-friendly cleaning solution for every industry.

SybraChem manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of maintenance and cleaning chemicals and sanitizers. And with over 35 years under our belt, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect cleaning solution to suit your unique industry needs (and your budget).

If your goal is to have a clean, safe and productive work environment, SybraChem has the answer—we use a hands-on approach to teach your staff how to use our products correctly. That way you unlock the products’ full potential.  So you’ll reduce unnecessary waste, saving you time and money!

We champion eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, and when you buy one of our many tried-and-tested SybraChem products, you’ll be joining hundreds of satisfied customers.

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Customer support

Our team of trained experts will advise you on how to make your dirty problems disappear!

Through training and one on one interactions, we create long-lasting business relationships with our customers.

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

Howard Zinn


We treat each customer with care and offer world-class products that work. Customer education is a priority to us as we value hygiene and a cleaner workspace.


Be part of a cleaner and greener generation helping to facilitate a softer footprint on the environment through the proper use of cleaning chemicals which impacts our environment positively.

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