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Dirt Buster - 25L Pail

Dirt Buster - 25L Pail

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SybraChem Dirt Buster is a highly active phosphoric acid-based rust remover used for the fast and effective removal of oxidation and corrosion from aluminium surfaces.


Dirt Buster's multi purpose formulation expertly penetrates and removes oxidised scale, dirt, and impurities from aluminium surfaces. It can be used as a rust remover, is effective at removing oil, grease, and heavy organic deposits from cement floors and metal surfaces, and is chloride-free making it safe to use on copper surfaces too. 


• Dilute 1 part SybraChem Dirt Buster with 30 parts water in a plastic container or sprayer.

• Coat the affected area with the product and allow to penetrate for a few minutes. 

• Using a brush or broom, agitate the product on the affected area and rinse off thoroughly with water. 

• Work from top to bottom to minimise streaking.

• Do not leave the product on the surface too long as it may cause corrosion.



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