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Fleetwash - 5L Bottle

Fleetwash - 5L Bottle

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SybraChem Fleetwash is a high foam water based automotive cleaner for use in both automated car wash machines and manual application. 


Fleetwash is useful in a wide range of applications, including general-purpose cleaning and degreasing. The concentrated cleaning formula is safe to use on all vehicles and does not contain free caustic, making it safe for your hands too. It is water-based, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and biodegradable, and keeps impurities suspended, preventing them from being redeposited, ensuring a clean oil-free surface.


Dilutions with water:

• For general cleaning - use 1 part Fleetwash with 50 parts water.

• To clean oil and grease deposits - use 1 part Fleetwash with 20 parts water.

• For heavy degreasing and engine cleaning - use 1 part Fleetwash with 5 parts water.


1. Coat the vehicle with diluted soapy solution.

2. Allow the product to soak for a short while to penetrate the dirt.

3. Send the vehicle through the cleaning cycle of an automated car wash. For manual application, use a brush or broom to agitate the surface area to be cleaned. 

4. Rinse well with water through automated rinsing, or by using a hose or water bucket. 

5. For portable high-pressure washers or foaming machines, the dilution should be 1 part Fleetwash to 50 parts water. (It is recommended to follow the directions specific to your portable washer or foaming machine.)



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