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Greasolve - NF - 25L Pail

Greasolve - NF - 25L Pail

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SybraChem Greasolve NF (Non-Flash) is a solvent based, emulsifiable degreasing compound that removes grease, oil, wax, and engine dirt from automotive and industrial machinery. It can also be used for light-duty cleaning when diluted with water.


Greasolve NF is formulated with a high solvent content to boost grease cutting ability. It easily dissolves a wide spectrum of dirt such as oil, waxes, and bitumen, and contains emulsifiers and detergents to enable thorough rinsing and to prevent redeposits of dirt and oil. The product is safe to use on all metal surfaces and is ideal for cleaning workshop floors. Take care when cleaning decorative finishes and surface due to the strong solvent content. 


Manual Cleaning:

• Apply Greasolve NF with a brush and allow to soak for 5-10 minutes, depending on the severity of the oil and grease deposits. 

• Rinse the area well with water. 

Automatic or semi-automatic cleaning:

• Apply the product using a low-pressure spray (if fitted with Teflon seals).

• Allow the product to soak for 5-10 minutes depending on the severity of the oil and grease deposits. 

• Rinse off using a high-pressure washer. 



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