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Hand Grit - Citrus - 5KG Tub

Hand Grit - Citrus - 5KG Tub

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SybraChem Hand Grit Citrus is a highly effective, citrus scented hand cleaner formulated with orange oil, luxury moisturisers, and polymer beads. Perfect for cleaning grease, oil, and most ink stains off your hands. 


This product is highly effective at cutting grease, oil, and dirt particles, and contains polymer beads in the gel formula to prevent drains from blocking. Contains moisturisers to prevent skin from drying out. Environmentally friendly and safe for household use.  


Recommended for use in workshops in the Engineering, Mining, and Automotive industries where exposure to grease and oil is expected. 

Heavy Duty: rub neat product on soiled hands for 15 seconds

Medium Duty: rub neat product on soiled hands for 10 seconds

Light Duty: rub neat product on soiled hands for 5 seconds

Rinse hands with water after use.

Repeat the application if necessary. 



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