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Liquid Bleach 6% - 25L Pail

Liquid Bleach 6% - 25L Pail

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SybraChem Liquid Bleach 6% is a chlorine based domestic and industrial cleaner that can be used to whiten, sanitize, and disinfect. It removes stains and dirt, and works as a general cleaner.


This versatile product can be used in many applications, from laundry to common household cleaning, killing germs and bacteria.


Use 100 parts cold water to 1 part product for general cleaning.

Use 50 parts cold water to 1 part product for disinfecting surfaces.

Rinse disinfected area with water and wipe dry.

Soak cleaning equipment for 30 mins in 50:1 solution before reuse.

Do not use this product with hot or warm water as it depletes disinfecting properties.

After use always wash hands with liquid hand soap and dry hands.


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