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Supreme - 5L Bottle

Supreme - 5L Bottle

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SybraChem Supreme is a heavy-duty, water-based degreaser that's tough on grease and grime. Its concentrated formula - consisting of biodegradable, non-ionic and anionic surfactants - is enhanced when mixed with solvents like paraffin or white spirits, and will clean almost any surface. 


Supreme is a highly concentrated, water-based formula safe to use on all solid surfaces. It is non-corrosive and non-flammable, and keeps impurities suspended, preventing them form being redeposited, ensuring a clean oil-free surface. 


Dilutions with water:

• To clean painted or tiled floors - dilute 1 part Supreme with 200 parts water. 

• To clean concrete floors - dilute 1 part Supreme with 50 parts water.

• To remove oil and grease on equipment - dilute 1 part Supreme with 20 parts water. 

• For heavy-duty degreasing - dilute 1 part Supreme with 10 parts water. 


1. Use the diluted solution to coat the surface area that needs to be cleaned, and let the product soak for a short while to penetrate the dirty surface. 

2. Use a brush or broom to agitate the surface area to be cleaned.

3. Rinse the area well with water using a high-pressure washer, hose, or a bucket of water and allow to dry. Using warm water can improve cleaning ability. 

4. If using Supreme in a steam cleaner, the dilution in the tank should be 1:20. The final dilution at the end of the nozzle should be about 1:200.

5. Avoid contact with electronic equipment or electrical wires. 

Solvent Supercharge:

SybraChem Supreme can be mixed with paraffin or any other industrial solvent to substantially enhance its cleaning power. If necessary, mix 1 part Supreme with 10 parts solvent and 10 parts water. Agitate the mixture before use as the emulsion does tend to separate. 



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