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Supreme M - 25L Pail

Supreme M - 25L Pail

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SybraChem Supreme M is a versatile medium duty, water-based degreaser that rids almost any surface of dirt and grime. The cleaning power of this concentrated formula of biodegradable, nonionic and anionic surfactants, is enhanced when mixed with solvents like paraffin or white spirits. 


Supreme M is a medium-duty water-based concentrated degreaser that is safe to use on all solid surfaces. It is non-corrosive and non-flammable, and keeps impurities suspended, preventing them from being redeposited - ensuring a clean oil-free surface. 


Dilutions with water:

• To clean painted or tiled floors - dilute 1 part Supreme M with 50 parts water.

• To clean concrete floors - dilute 1 part Supreme M with 20 parts water.

• To remove oil and grease - dilute 1 part Supreme M with 10 parts water.

• For heavy degreasing and engine cleaning - do not dilute (use product neat).


1. Use the diluted solution to coat the surface area that needs to be cleaned, and let the product soak for a short while to penetrate the dirty surface. 

2. Use a brush or broom to agitate the surface area to be cleaned. 

3. Rinse the area well with water using a high-pressure washer, hose, or bucket of water and allow to dry. Using warm water can improve cleaning ability. 

4. If using Supreme M in a steam cleaner, the dilution in the tank should be 1:10. The final dilution at the end of the nozzle should be about 1:50.

5. Avoid contact with electronic equipment or electrical wires. 

Solvent Supercharge:

SybraChem Supreme M can be mixed with paraffin or any other industrial solvent to substantially enhance its cleaning power. If necessary, mix 1 part Supreme M with 5 parts Solvent and 5 parts water. Agitate the mixture before use as the emulsion does tend to separate. 



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